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Top 5 most replayable Muse songs


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I hope there isn't another thread like this. I searched and didn't see anything but feel free to merge or close if there is.


Anyway, I was driving home from work this morning and was listening to Exogenesis at top volume and I thought to myself: Man, I could listen to this song (counting all 3 as 1) a million times and not get tired of it.


So what are the top 5 Muse songs you could listen to a million times and still get chills every time?



1) Exogenesis (I, II, III)

2) Bliss

3) Hysteria

4) KOC

5) MK Ultra

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knights of cydonia

supermassive black hole


plug in baby

stockholm syndrome


no songs from the resistance becuase their isn't a good song on their i'd listen to more once in a go. maybe uprisng or guiding light, not the best album, makes me cry when i listen to it becuases it that bad. pains me to say.

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