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ive been wondering this for ages and afraid of sounding like a n00b i havent asked but wtf is a zeta? :stunned:



Enjoy, because you're never going to be the same again.

(To shortly answer your question, Zeta is a name for an alien being that looks like the typical big-head, slim body alien you see in movies or merchandise. Zeta Grey is really the proper name for them apparently.)

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What is with these pictures? I post one, visit the thread again hours later and the picture has disappeared. :erm:


hmm yeah yours never seem to work :erm:


here I show you how I do mine, they work for me so they might for you:happy:



save the picture to your computer

go here: http://imageshack.us/

click browse and select your photo and select start upload

copy and paste the 'direct link' in between


.... I know you probably know how to do all this already... but maybe somethings up with the hosting site you used?

anyway hope that helped:p


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