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with all the talk of chris and stella and... the picture was a little too close for comfort..


i know you didnt mean he's a wife beater :LOL: and did question whether or not to bother posting that....


ohh haha ok :)



do Chris drink Stella ?


from all the pics i saw it seems he is more into the green stuff of Carlsberg and Heineken



Stella are the kings of Beer :yesey:

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so i've been told.. i hope so :LOL:

vodka + anything sweet shall suffice for now :happy:


Vodka + Berry's juice = Yum yum



but the real business is Vodka + Robinsons Fruit Squad :yesey:



anyway here is a good advice: never try Absinthe it puts you to bed faster than Mike Tyson's power hook :D

also its not tasty and don't mix well with other juices

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