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.. oh this is so rude but anyway ..




Dom: "*sighs* Where's Matt? Ungh."

Chris: "*has gone searching*"

== in the background ==



:LOL: That's awesome. This sent me into fits of uncontrollable fits of giggles, which isn't really the best time to have considering I'm at my sister's birthday party. Supposed to be eating, but I'm in the corner hiding on the Muse site. :p

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Matt: You're what?

Dom: Pregnant! Isn't it exciting??


Dom: matt we've known one another for years now and we've done alot of stuff together -

Matt: :eyebrows:

Dom: - well i've been thinking long and hard about this and i thought i should just say one thing. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I'M NOT GAY M'KAY!

Matt: :stunned:




Dom: Hey, Matt, hey... would it be weird if we...made a fort right now?




omg all of these :awesome:

that picture stems GOLD :LOL:



and the it's all in your head one

and ithe cantbreath one


this thread is getting all hilarious again :awesome:

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