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So, you've heard the clip, what do you think?  

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  1. 1. So, you've heard the clip, what do you think?

    • Best song on the album.
    • Er.. I mean it's okay. It may grow on me.
    • I can't wait to hear the rest of that guitar solo!!!
    • What the fuck @ 80s style production?
    • I hate it.

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this song is fucking awesome. i love it. much better than Starlight. Guiding Light should replace Starlight. but then again, i want to clap to TITS.


No, GL should replace Invincible, which is just plain awful. To me, GL is the result of Matt finally achieving what he initially wanted to do with Invincible. It's almost as if he went, "nah that turned out crap, let's try that again".

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Guiding Light is just that thing that inspires, helps you to make choices in life. It can be love or creative urge or intellectual aspiration. This seems to me to be the case that when push comes to shove, when things feel bad for you, and you're in need of comfort you go back to the most obvious person to provide it but on the whole the relationship doesn't feel as right or as ideal as you would like it to be, in fact its pretty dead.


That's only how it works in relation to my own feelings. I am sure there are many interpretations, one of which may be a reference to the final failure of the relationship between Winston and Julia when Winston is tortured into denial and finds out Julia denied their love a lot quicker than he did and Winston ends up a complete shell of his former self.

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I love the album, the only thing bringing it down slightly is Guiding Light. I don't really know why. I'm sure I'll get used to it and like it in the end, because that's what always happens, but right now I find it hard to listen to this song all the way through, I keep getting the urge to skip it. :(

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