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So, you've heard the clip, what do you think?  

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  1. 1. So, you've heard the clip, what do you think?

    • Best song on the album.
    • Er.. I mean it's okay. It may grow on me.
    • I can't wait to hear the rest of that guitar solo!!!
    • What the fuck @ 80s style production?
    • I hate it.

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This definately is a 80's style power-ballad, but it has an awesome guitar solo to go with it. Hopefully it lasts more that the 10 seconds we can hear in the preview clips lol.


I was thinking about how this would sound live too actually. It's one of only a few tracks I thought would sound amazing live. I know a lot of people learnt to appreciate Invincible a little more after seeing it played at a gig and I suspect it will be the same case with this song, assuming it's not too popular at the minute.

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Looking around it doesn't seem too popular, but it's this track and Undisclosed Desires that have really stood out for me (in the 30 seconds) because they are the two that seem to stray the furthest away from what muse have done before, and i like that sense of adventure that they are showing.

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From the tiny clip it sounds like a horrendous 80's power ballad (my most disliked form of music and the utter antithesis of Muse), complete with what sounds like painfully dull and clichéd solo. I'm definitely very worried about this one.


Bass is nicely distorted when played loud though, and before the solo starts it sounds quite atmospheric and minimalistic, so it may turn out to me not as bad as it sounds so far. That's the only positive thing I can manage about it though.

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I can imagine that silly twilight woman jumping on this for her sh*tty soundtrack. Very nice clip though, im loving the solo.


I much prefer Stephenie Meyer using a butt load of Muse songs instead of just 1 or 2.

That way, All the Twihards can say they "Love the MUSE ZOMG <3" and actually listen to all of their songs instead of only listening to 3 and a half songs.

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I'm not keen on this one from what I heard. I concur with the statements about U2 and power ballads. But I'm not discouraged since most of the album sounds amazing. And after all, it's only a 30 sec. clip, and there are several Muse songs that are growers for me. Hopefully this will be one of them.

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