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that's quite the achievement, the competition is quite strong


btw: fuckit i need to make a strat, i gave a squier strat to my bass player friend about 1-2 years ago, i gonna get it back and upgrade everything on it expect for the body and maybe the neck can stay too because i remeber that i liked it but i think it is warped as shit by now (and then i can put high output humbuckers and shit on my cort and don't have to care about the cleans and stuff on that one)


indeed, i have nothing but respect for him.


what pickups are in your cort now? the strat i posted in the other thread had a moderate output humbucker in the bridge at one point, but honestly it wasn't worth keeping in there as it still sounded like a strat. just a little bigger really. it has the stock US fender single coils again, but i've been wanting to put some of these pickups in



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it still sounded like a strat. just a little bigger really.


i have the same feeling. the cort is a HSS, bridge is a IronGear Rolling Mill. (vintage output, low dc resistance) Actually i don't feel like i have a humbucker there, it sounds like a crossover between a single coil and a humbucker now. Sometimes i cut by 4-6db @ 400-800-1600hz with the EQ to make it sound like i want. Sometimes i found its attack too big, i couldn't play funky stuff with it. If i have to compare it to someones sounds i would say it sounds like every arctic monkeys recording ever, not sure if it is possible:LOL: (but maybe if i would get a fatter and duller sounding high output PU there it would sound more humbuckey)


What i wanna do now is that i can hopefully make a usable strat from the squier (id swap the PUs, electronics, bridge, tuners, 5 way switch and the neck if its beyond repair.)

Actually if the neck is fucked i'd just buy a new shitty squier, i don't see the point in sticking a 200-300$ warmoth neck on a 150$ guitar. Or there is a 40-50$ neck at guitar fetish. Id maybe try them the stock neck couldn't be shittier?


Anyways if i buy a selection of the "better" parts of guitar fetish (not their cheapest stuff) will they all suck, or it will be a hit and miss or everything will be decent? The other is axetec where i could get most of the stuff, that is the webshop where i get the iron gear stuff.


Ultimately i would like to have an usable strat for stratty stuff and then i would get higher-output humbucker and single sized humbuckers in the cort for heavier shit like muse. Coz now i try to balance the cort between the two worlds and it can't do both imo.

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are we sure that's him? seems a bit odd there's no descriptions, and he's uploading porcupine tree covers again (seeing as that's the reason he got his old account deleted)


Well, I emailed him 6 months ago asking for guitar advice, and he sent me an email back yesterday lol.

In his reply he gave me a link to a new account (which is the one I linked). So pretty sure it's the same dude.

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Really don't like his guitar tone at all, sounds ridiculously compressed and digital, but his playing ability and especially his ability to compose around an already existing song are very impressive.


Idd, the tone tends to make it sounds extra-sloppy, you can see a Peavy in the background at some point, that might be the reason together with a cheap mic.

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I was like Wow but mrmadadam is a killer that video is gonna be great and then I saw that it was a spoof and you who posted that :')

I'm waiting for your next covers man :x


A 4 way cover has been done by Tom too! By the way have you heard of Tomjayzen ?????????? I've seen the posts on this thread and no one noticed him :O

Not only he covers Muse but he makes original videos!


Sing for Absolution :


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