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What do you think? (of the 30 sec preview)  

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  1. 1. What do you think? (of the 30 sec preview)

    • Sounds awesome.
    • Sounds good.
    • Sounds ok.
    • Doesn't sound good.
    • Sounds terrible.

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My favourites:


1. Exogenesis (especially Part I & II)

2. I Belong To You


These songs needn't grow on me, I already really love them :D

The other songs are good from what I can say according to 30 seconds but I think there will be one or two other favourites additionally, when I listen to the full songs. The remaining songs will grow on me :)

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The main reason for my dislike is down to two factors


The first:


That synth, it's ridiculous, I dunno how Matt came across that and thought it'd sound great if it's supposed to be vaguely serious,


leading to the second point:


I was expecting (by the clarinet, the opera aria etc.) something along the lines of Unintended, Falling Away With You, Blackout or Soldier's Poem, or even the intro part of USE; the crooning love song of the album. But from that clip, it certainly is not :(


I'm really happy it's not a ballad tbh....


I think Muse are generally poor at them. Blackout is nice, Unintended and FAWY are bearable but Soldier's Poem is just B-Side quality at best.

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Well, it's lame.


And I have been mocking it on facebook.


She attacks me like a Aries, when my heart is split like Buenos Aires. She attacks me like a Scoprio, when my heart is split like Montevideo.


I assure you my arrears are genuine. I assure you my credit history is fact. I assure you my 7.9% APR is true.


I thought about this post today when I was listening to the preview.


And I went :awesome:.

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I definitely thought this was going to be a ballad. I'm liking what I'm hearing so far, but I definitely wouldn't have minded so terribly had it been a ballad. Falling Away With You is probably my second favorite Muse song. (Muse fans cry out in blasphemy). :eek:


Yes. Yes it is. :p


Agreed! I think in general they've made too few plain and simple ballads.


PS: Falling Away With You is an exellent tune! :D

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Probably the closest that Muse has ever come to R&B, it begins with a deep piano groove, yet the vocal melody has no discernable hook. The number seques into a Brecht-Weillian interlude that explodes into Queen-esque opera. This is the soundtrack for a movie not yet made, full of yearning and passion. Bellamy demands that you hurt, that you experience his ache. During one section he sings in French, and even if you can't speak the language, it doesn't matter - you can't help but share in his emotions.


From: http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/muses-the-resistance-reviewed-218009/3


Funny how this was described as R&B and Undisclosed Desires wasn't :LOL::p

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Learn what real R&B is :p. I Belong To You harks back to proper R&B of the 50s and 60s, Motown-era/Jackson-5 if anything.


Undisclosed Desires is just an 80s knock-off, disco-pop funkster, á la Depeche Mode.


Well it's all good then.

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The resistance (album), sound very odd, "Uprising" reminds me "Personal Jesus", "The resistance" sounds like a electronic franz ferdinand, undisclosed desires sounds like "Say it rigth" by Nelly Furtado Feat. Timbaland, "The United States of Eurasia" is Queen, is like (Reckless = Muse), (Muse = Queen) really sad :(, "Guiding Light" sounds like "Invincible II", Unnatural Selection y MK Ultra reminds me Absolutions times, ("Stockholm Syndrome, "Thoughts of a dying Atheist"), I Belong to You, sound really good, a piano kind maroon 5, but good, reminds me "Endlessly"and finally "Exogenesis : Symphony" disappointed me, is the first time I bored about a song of Muse, because is the same structure than "Ruled By Secrecy" and "Blackout", no more words about it song, ultimately The Resistance sounds like a recycling, but ok is Muse, and I know they will made a better album the next time, I Hope.....

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I think people are confusing R&B with RnB. They're not really the same thing. RnB is contemporary R&B that really spawned in the late 80's.


Yeah, I think I have been guilty with that, was a bit confused. I think they stand for.


Rythm and Beat = RnB


Rythm and Blues = R&B



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