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What do you think? (of the 30 sec preview)  

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  1. 1. What do you think? (of the 30 sec preview)

    • Sounds awesome.
    • Sounds good.
    • Sounds ok.
    • Doesn't sound good.
    • Sounds terrible.

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Sounds like a b-side from Showbiz. Even Matt sounds younger in it.


B-side as in not really on par with the album but sounds similar?


That's ridiculous, Showbiz had more than its share of mediocre stuff. This bit sounds like it stands out a lot more than many of the songs on Showbiz.


(Why am I defending a 30 second clip so much? :facepalm: )

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Listening to it again after the Showbiz comments, I realise its essentially a recycled Sunburn chorus; even the themes in the lyrics are on par with "and she burns like the sun, I can't look away"

So first you want it to sound like old material, now you're bashing it for doing that? Makes sense. :rolleyes:


I really like this clip.

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I just love how loads of people were borderline-crying about that title because they looked at the name and immediately leapt to the conclusion that it was a stereotypical ballad, and now it's not a ballad and they've been complaining for nothing.


That said, the sample is brilliant. It's like Muse's tribute to Inspector Gadget. Really weird, full marks. I'm properly looking forwards to it.

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