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MK Ultra. Yay or nay?  

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  1. 1. MK Ultra. Yay or nay?

    • Loving it!
    • It's ok
    • It's not ok
    • WTF is this s*it???

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Oh yeah cause you can't like any song until you hear it live, right..


This has nothing to do with what you originally claimed. Liking a song has nothing to do with claiming a song is great live when you haven't seen it live.

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Yeah, watching pro-shots =/= being there.


I enjoy watching pro-shots of CE, but think it's kinda underwhelming in the flesh. Yet I find pro-shots of Unnautral Selection pretty boring and that's a beast when you see it in person.


You can't really tell someone they're wrong about a live song when they've seen it and you haven't. Well, you can, but you look kinda silly.

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