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Hardest Muse Song On Guitar

Jacky Boy

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I'm in a band where I'm on lead guitar, where in my other major band (with mon bested buddy :D) I'm singing, playing bass, guitar, and keyboard - who knows what the future will hold lol

I doubt it somehow though :(


Cool. My band recently broke up.


Need to get one going soon though, I miss all the fun of gigs and stuff :(

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I would say stockholm syndrome is probably the hardest song for me as it is quite fast, and I even when I play it right it never sounds anything like as good as the original due to lack of effects etc.


Citizen erased solo seems challenging but I haven't tried it yet. Hysteria solo is relatively difficult, as unlike a lot of other solo's it doesn't really follow any scale-like patterns (that I've learnt).

Some of the older songs like Cave and Sober sound difficult.


Overall I'd agree that Muse's songs are pretty easy on guitar but still obviously awesome and original. At the moment I'm trying to learn some stuff by Focus which have some really ridiculous guitar parts in. Can anyone on this board play Hocus Pocus?

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cool!! I really wanna do one of those in my school. We probs wouldnt win copared to other bands in our school, but hey! A gig's a gig :D


It's all about being remembered, not winning.

Just put on a ridiculous show, people always remember that sort of thing, never the winner's (unless they put on an awesome show).


People only ever seem to remember my performance when we played at my old school's BOTB.

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i lieke, toally R0XX0RS! i can liek pley EVERYFIN m00se as EVA DUN!11one111





After a year of playing guitar, I can play Seven Nation Army.

And a bit of Unintended.




But I learnt how to play TIRO bass on my guitar :happy: I like bass better :happy:


And I really want to be in a band :happy:

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It's identical to Unintended vis-a-vis the chord arpeggios.


Yeah, I know, wanna make something of it?


But I can't get the timing right.


Well really, if you've been playing a short period of time (I've been playing for 3 years), then yes, Muse stuff will be hard, in the long run though, it's all very easy. Except Screenager, that's a bastard, some of those chords :eek:


Damn my infernal girly hands :mad:

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