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Butterflies and Hurricanes


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Guest Bl44t44p
I don't think they have ever done that, cos they said in an interview with Zane Lowe early on in the Absolution tour that they had to completely change the arrangement in order to play it live.


You're right that's why I've seen a live video of it.





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I'm interested because I'm a pianist and I really do like the piano bits before and after the solo as featured on the Album version - the electric and real piano during the verses and chorus. The version in the Absolution piano/guitar book, and in the "Play Piano with Muse" book, is the same as what's on the album... just wondering if Matt had ever played the piano bit like that.


I think it may have been the very few first gigs though, as most of the '03 gigs I've managed to get are guitar version.

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Well the earliest Absolution gigs we have are the likes of the Islington Carling Academy gig, MTV Supersonic, the Trabendo gig and the AB Box Brussels gig, I'm 99.99% sure B&H from all of those is on guitar and piano, if it's played at all. He was DEFINITELY switching between guitar and piano before the tour started properly in October(?) 2003.

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hmm... if no-one can show me a video or something of it, then I'll have to say it never happened.


Disappointing though, it'd be very cool. Though I reckon Butterflies and Hurricanes will be just about retired by the next tour... although, they do change the instrumentation of songs between tours... so who knows?


I can still dream of the day when Matt plays it all on piano... and the day he plays all of Falling Away With You too... :rolleyes:

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IMO Muse's greatest song!

I am not sure if it's true, but i was told that it isn't on the setlist :eek:

I can't believe this! A lot of people think it's the best song from Absolution!

I was just thinking last night that if they take it of the setlist, i'd go insane!


Anyway, campaign time!


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add ityour sig (take out the stars)


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