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Showbiz - Escape

Origin of Symmetry - Megalomania

Absolution - Ruled By Secrecy

Black Holes and Revelations - Assassin

The Resistance - Unnatural Selection



But that all might change with time :p


That made me happy. *has seen too many showbiz's/sunburn's/cave's*



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Showbiz: Uno (because its just so passionate and full of grit and potential)


Origin of Symmetry: New Born (because that riff is just pure genius and the piano intro gives me goosebumps) Although, I could have chose any song off this album!


Abolsution: Butterflies and Hurricanes (this was the song that started my insane obsession, and the classical interlude never fails to astound me).


Black Holes and Revelations: Knights of Cydonia (who can deny its epicness?!)


The Resistance: The whole of Exogenesis Symphony (because its epic grandeur is pure genius, and should not be seperated into 3 parts!)

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