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Showbiz - Showbiz

OoS - Micro Cuts

Hullabaloo - Forced In

Absolution - Butterflies & Hurricanes

Black Holes & Revelations - Supermassive Black Hole (you're not alone miss_meadows :LOL: )

The Resistance : Exogenesis (3 parts because for me it's just one song ! otherwise it is Redemption...)

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Showbiz: Uno (I made up my own harmony to this one to make it more fun to sing along. :))


Origin of Symmetry: Citizen Erased (I have this fantasy of seeing them play just for me, and they play this song. I would die happy!)


Absolution: Butterflies and Hurricanes (I've always wanted to make my own music video for this song. Plus I adore the piano interlude.)


Black Holes and Revelations: Map of the Problematique (The piano is so simple, yet so powerful when combined with the other elements that make up the intro. It makes me happy.)


Resistance: MK Ultra (I love this because it's just so damn epic!)


I would explain my choices further, but A) I'm way too tired B) they don't need justification. :p

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