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OK, I know it is hard, but do you all have a favorite song on each of the 4 main albums: Showbiz, OoS, Absolution, and BH&R? If it is too hard, it is for me as well, but maybe pick the one you are into the most right now. Hmmm, for mine, i guess it goes:


Showbiz: Sunburn (gotta give props to Muscle Museum tho)


OoS: Citizen Erased (again hard, love Space Dementia and more..)


Absolution: Hysteria


BH&R: Map of the Problematique


Idk if this will make a good topic cuz I love all the songs, but at least I tried :p

Showbiz: muscle museum


Oos:Hyper music


Absolution: Butterflies and hurricanes


BHAR: Incincible


all pretty awsome songs, but im kinda stuck between invincible and assassin.

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I actually have more than one fav on each album.


Showbiz: Showbiz, Unintended

OoS: Newborn, Space Dementia, Citizen Erased (note how all 3 are the long songs? xD)

Absolution: Stockholm Syndrome, Butterflies and Hurricanes

BH&R: Take a Bow, Invincible, Starlight

Hullabaloo: Map of your Head

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Showbiz: Showbiz.


Origin of Symmetry: Bliss, Space Dementia, Citizen Erased.


Absolution: Stockholm Syndrome (favourite song ever!), Ruled by Secrecy, Blackout.


Black Holes & Revelations: Map of the Problematique.


Hullabaloo: The Gallery, Shine Acoustic.

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Showbiz: Oh Gawd, I dunno... Showbiz? (Muscle Museum, and Sunburn are just as good though)

OoS: Megalomania fo sho (but Newborn is freakin good too)

Absolution: Hysteria reigns supreme

BHaR: Mmm, ah man, this is tough too... I'll just say City of Delusion. But maybe Take a Bow? AH! This thread is makin me crazy! O_O

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