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This is enough to put anyone off :LOL:


I couldn't watch all of it!! God thats funny.

I think she actually managed to expand her own head at 1:05 !!!

I kinda want to see how bad a video they must have been watching to be mobilised into making a counter-video.

Same here!:LOL:


'I like your t-shirt'... 'I like it too'..


then straight into 'I'm so angry i could like punch a baby!!'!!


and 3,2,1... flagged as a puncher of babies!!!

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I agree, they frustrate me so much!

There are so many people at my school like that and I hear them talking as though Muse is their favourite band because of Twilight. I'm just like /eye twitches.

Or you talk about Muse and some people are immediatly like "You like Muse? So you must like Twilight."

I'm like "No, just SHUT UP!"


Same here. I go to school with my iPod, and listen to it on the way home on the bus. Every time I play some Muse (ie, Absolution, OoS, Showbiz, the rest of BHAR) my classmate sitting next to me screams, "SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE! OMG MUSE! OMG TWILIGHT! I LOVE THAT SONG!"

I get up and move. And it happens again. And again. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: I just want to punch them in the face! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:


But, most of my best friends know that I hate Twilight, but love Muse for their music. There was a crossover period, when I was the fangirl, but that's gone. ;) People just assume.

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Or (this would make me happy):


Pattie:You are the ice beneath my skates blah blah blah

Bella:You are the fire in my eyes blah blah blah



*passionate kiss*

Matt dancing around at the bottom of the screen: I DON'T WANT YOUUUU AND I NEVEEEER DIIIIIIIIID

Bella: *slaps Pattie*

Pattie: Onoes.




:LOL: I died.

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I was wiping the tears from laughing so much - her reactions are hilarious, srsly nobody can be that OTT about a TRAILER!!!

I thought that too and I almost got a heart attack when she screamed "OMG the beeeeeaaaaacccchhhh! at the beginning. A beach??? wtf?


I actually I wouldn't mind going to see New Moon with her - I would get some popcorn and spent the entire time just watching her reactions to the entire movie. Now that's what I would call entertainment!!! :LOL:




What is it with you and below the waist body part! :LOL:


Thank you so much for sharing that video (can you hear the sarcasm :D )... I love the part about choosing the right music behind so important for the film... Love from what I've seen from the acting in the trailer you gonna need more than good music to save that thing!!! But then she suggested Katy Perry, McFly and Kelly Clarkson! :LOL:


I was really curious in getting to know what amazing songs she was going to add. Songs the world needs to hear in New Moon... and then she comes up with a bunch of shit :facepalm: How embarrassing was that?

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About a week ago i bought Absolution Tour and a Radiohead poster on amazon. Now I'm "recommended" to buy the Twilight DVD, Book, Poster and other merchandise crap.




I love Muse and Radiohead. but i really don't want them to be in the new soundtrack. :( however if Thom Yorke wants to participate, then good for him. ;)

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