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anybody here have some stuff named Matt, Dom, or Chris?


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No but the kid i babysit Hayden said he had a 'Matthew' and he often does. Does that count as a muse named item??


This is consisting of





And though his guitar doesnt have it he tries to play an invisable kaoss pan lmao. and he's only 8, he jumps on the furniture etc etc all while playing the guitar you cant even catch his attention lol.

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I have this bracelet with three Mayan worry dolls on it and I've named them Matt, Chris and Dom. Because you're supposed to tell the dolls your worries I told my 2cm version of Muse that I was really worried that they wouldn't play Citizen Erased at my show. Well, they didn't play it so I'm not entirely sure how I'm supposed to react to that!

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