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Unintended or Invincible?


Which quiet muse song do you like best?  

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  1. 1. Which quiet muse song do you like best?

    • Unintended
    • Invincible
    • They both suck

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to be honest this thread sucks, both songs are from both different end of muse's career, i think most people like invincible, it isnt boring it spans from the marching snare drum to a bloody awesome guitar solo, in fact invincible was written and recorded within a day or so.

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I agree with Dugald that this is a bit of a weird one because they're songs from opposite ends of Muse's career, and thus musical style, so it doesn't make sense to compare them simply cos they're 'quiet' songs


Nonetheless, I'm going with Unintended... By 'two main quiet songs' I think the poster meant as in most heard (they were both singles, whereas other 'quiet' Mooze songs are either b-sides or album tracks... apart from SFA lol).


Anyways, yeah I prefer Unintended... it's more emotive (for lack of a better word) and ... dunnoz, there's just something about it that makes me more sentimental towards it as a song :LOL::$ Hooowever, I'm still not an Invincible hater or anything... it's a wee bit slow going, but they make up for it with the louder/better ending, and it's better than Starlight (especially live!) :happy:

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Neither I'm afraid... they just don't do it for me - I'll choose Screenager, Host or HCM over them.
Well if we're just choosing quiet/sad songs in general, there's a clear CLEAR winner! ... I wonder what it could be... :p lol :rolleyes:




I just luv your Hyper subtlety!!!!!

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Well, I guess it SHOULD, be Unintended. Or maybe, maybe it just COULD, be Unintended. Or maybe, right, maybe..



Bah, how can you compare it to Invincible? They're like, totally different. One's on Showbiz....:rolleyes: that epic firebreather of an album, one isn't.


not that I'm knocking Invincible as a song. It's just not Unintended. That tells an evolutionary story. True epic-ness. Which thou shalt not mess with.


Leave Showbiz to it's era. Do not compare with BH&R.

Muse, new album. Time changes many things. Let's see what the mix kix out now :unsure::happy:

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With what a lot of people have said, they're definitely not their two main quiet songs. Nor are they their best. HCM and Blackout I would pick over either of those songs any day.


But for the sake of this thread (which I swear has randomly been discussed before?) I'll choose Unintended. It's not as.....idk "cheesy" as Invincible is..IMO

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