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Monitors all the way.


Nothing wrong with headphones, but they are fatiguing and best as a backup/alternative to monitors.


Untreated rooms are not great, but the whole point of near field monitors is to minimise the impact the room has on what you are hearing. Low end will end up with all sorts of problems, just use a sine wave generator set to different frequencies and wander around the room to see where the peaks and nulls are.




Oh and if anyone would like me to have a go at mixing stuff for them, get in touch. Got shit all to do for the summer.


I think the more options you have, the better. Before I had decent monitors, I had a bunch of different Hi-Fis to switch between. Keep trying different stuff, once it sounds good on everything you've got it right


Hmm, cheers guys. Think I'll go for some monitors, and use my current headphones as another reference, with a view to getting a better pair.


In that case, are the Eve Audios/Tannoy Reveals decent options?


And Haze, I may well take you up on that offer at some point in the summer..

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