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He's so funny. He has these amazing one-liners every year. I just watch it for him. You should listen to his Radio 2 show sometime if you can. Brilliant.




Ooh, it is pretty amazing. I'm sure it could beat it. Only cause Bryn's from the north. I'll send it to ye at some point, using the powers of the dial up.


Ni får inte bryta kvistar från levande träd. :indiff:

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Oh the insane jealousy! Take lots of photographs, I beg you *begs*. I may go and see him in June, with it being on the day of me last hexam... if I can get someone to go with me. Walking down Oxford Road in the dark on your own is not nice. <3 Rusholme and Moss Side being not too far from it.

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Oh dear Lord my hair is in the way of all my dancing adventures. I'm having my brother-in-lag chopping some off this week. :happy:


Ice waaaaaater for bloooood, with neither heart or spiiiiiine, and then juuuuust to paaass tiiime, let us go and rob the bliiiiiind!


What to be done with heeeeeer, I ask myself: what to be saaaaaaid of heeer ooooooh!


*Dances legs down to knees*

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