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The Groove discussion thread


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S'alright, the live versions from the Absolution tour are miles better than the studio version which sounds quite tame in comparison.


One of Matt's better solos too :yesey:.


Actually, I find that Absolution sounds too tame in general. Songs like Hysteria and Stockholm should just hit you right out of the speakers, but they don't. Same with Fury.


Anyway, yeah, awesome song. Great vocals, really catchy, fantastic riff. Simple and awesome. Probably could've been on Abso. Actually, I think that every b-side could've replaced a song on the album, they're very good.

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Now I know theres a lot of appreciation threads, but c'mon. The Groove is unbelievably epic in it's simplicity. And the bass+guitar!! That shit is powerful.


The Groove is okay and instrumentaly its fantastic. It should definatly be played as a riff in the Resistance tour but above the riff, there's nothing too it......sorry:$

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