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are muse the new pink floyd?


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No, absolutely no.

1) PF are way better, no one IMO can be compared with them

2) Muse are great but (see point 1)!


Eww.. i HATE the "Are X the new Y?" debates.


Muse are Muse.


Pink Floyd are Pink Floyd.


They are on two completely different branches of musical history/status/style.


No comparisons please =_=


You're right!!!

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  • 2 years later...

i have to admit that STORM THORGERSON who made the cover artworks for both bands made me a fan of both




his cover artworks are enigmatic and wonderful




i think however PINK FLOYD are so overrated



dark side, wish you were here, piper at the gates, the wall etc, are good


but there are so many filers on their records, and there are records like MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON which are awful



but people think OH PINK FLOYD thats good !!



similarities between MUSE and PF --





and they are both progressive rock musicians and very special :-)





MUSE - UNINTENDED-- sounds musically like IF by PINK FLOYD

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