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Its probably best to discuss the venue via PM for those that are interested because thats what we're having to do for our UK one because the officials got pissed last time when trying to organise the RAH one.






alright PM's it is



who ever is interested let me know i have already had people confirm and space is limited but if alot of people want to go i can have more than one showing:happy:

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thread has been moved!!





i have a theater that can hold up to 60 people

its mine when ever i have the date and time for them which im waiting on liam to let me know when the UK screening is going to be


there will be stuff sold there(food and drinks) to raise money for the so cal meet and a chartiy, the tickets will cost $10 but they will include goodie bags! im not telling you whats in them yet cause i have no clue but there will be muse related stuff :happy:



also i know muse fans who arnt on the board so you should let me know if you can come seeing is how space is limited but i could have two screenings that day nothing is confirmed yet.



and just so you know warner and kroq WILL NOT have anything to do with this like the HAARP screening


that is all for now if you have any additional questions PM me

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