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"Map of the Problematique" + Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence"


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Torley... :|


Muse are my favourite band. MOTP is one of my favourites by them. Its means a lot to me. Depeche Mode are like, 4th favourite, round about xD and ETS is one of their masterpieces. You have chosen two of the most beautiful songs in the world and fused them.


I wont sugar coat anything - it could be better. The idea and sound is there, but I reckon if this was done with like, really expensive equipment and the help of the top mixers and producers, it would result in a very nice remix.


Only problem.. you have now created a desire for a Depeche Mode x Muse collaboration in me xD


But seriously, I'm liking this. Its going on my iPod xD

Nice one *thumbs up*


Oh and...



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