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i remember posting intoxicated rehearsal versions of these songs and maybe some rough mixes


i've been mixing and mastering these sessions for more than 6 months :LOL:


thanks for the kind words :happy:


on a bass related note: i love my tone on Promise :p

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we live by the no-budget code, so a studio isn't likely yet... plus i think our recordings turned out quite nice (i've heard studio recording that sounded a lot worse)


anyway, we'd like to play some gigs soon... we're currently debating if we think we're good enough to appeal to http://www.westfrieslandrocks.nl... bottomline: if you're looking for an opening band to make you look better, give us a call ;)


anyway, when we get our live act together again we might look into recording a new demo to reflect our new 4-piece status

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schmoove thats awesome stuff, what do you play? really like the vocals. Looking forward to hearing more stuff

I play bass (still trying to assemble all my gear for a picture in the 'Pictures of your gear' thread ;) ... we have another single out very soon- will post it for you guys when it's done.

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hahah I've been listening to loads of Lightning Bolt lately and I've taken a turn for the worse... hears my shameless attempt at some kind of noise riffage :LOL:


Erm, lets call it "Three Knocks On The Door"


if anyones interested here's the setup:


Tuning: whatever it went to after I snapped the G string

Effects: Fuzz Factory:

3:30 - Gate

10:30 - Comp

5:00 - Drive

5:00 - Stab


Whammy - 1

Line 6: delay with lots of repeat

MXR Distortion + full volume 2:00 distortion



Stream (Hi Fi)

any feedback whatsoever is welcomed :LOL:

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I have made a new song. It's a sort of epic electronica thingy and you can download it here

Here is the title listing for the parts:

i) Grounded

ii) Takeoff

iii) Flying High

iv) Turbulent

v) Back On The Ground


Hey i like this. I dont no much about this kind of music so i cant compare it to anything, but its really interesting. You know what game is great to play with this....SSX 3, heh. Whos the guy that comes on and says, "please prepare for some turbulens"?

Good stuff

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