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hey guys


check out this here video of my band Telos... we're playing the song News... it's the shortest song in our set, so i thought i'd use that




Hey Pluk,


you're the bassist right???

Congrats, your bass playing is kick ass. The song "News" was very well put together but not entirely to my taste. All the same, it shows that you and your band have put in some hard work in practice and arranging your songs.

On a side note, the singer is gorgeous :) does she come to the muse board?;)

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thanks for the kind words! :happy:


yes i'm the bassist... this song was based for about 90% on the bassriffs i wrote for the verse and chorus


Sophie doesn't visit the board as far as i'm aware... i should warn you that her boyfriend is the guy next to me playing guitar :p

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oh, my mistake, the headstock & scratchplate looks very talmanesque (haha, isnt it cool how you can add "esque" onto the end of anything :LOL: ) is it a copy? or a totally different model?


it's basically a Strat... Starfield hasn't been around for about 10 years now


thanks for the praise Eternallymused1!

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Intravenus your stuff is really well done. Did u record it in a studio or was it a home recordng?


No no, all our stuff was recorded and produced by me, at home, on my pc. Why? Because every time we went to a studio, the music came out sounding exactly like every other amateur band's first cd (every musician who has gone to an amateur recording studio will know exactly what I mean) so I decided to mix our tunes myself and, while I haven't reached the dizzying heights of John Leckie yet, I'd say I'm getting along quite nicely.

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We've got soundclips up if you click the play button in the top corner,


we're young and fairly inexperienced, and the recordings arn't top quality, but i think we actually have some potential, i'd like to know anyone's thoughts or constructive comments in our forum or on the guestbook if you can be arsed.


Your drummer is a fucking mentalist. :LOL:

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My site is as yet unfinished and there is one track to listen to at the moment.

Bare in mind that I am just starting out and have limited resources at my disposal.


Aside from that little disclaimer, I hope anyone who follows the link actually lies what they hear. The track is incomplete I'll admit (just an early edit) but gives an idea of what I'm aiming at.

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