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If Muse Answers was still open, you would ask....


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Matt: If time travel existed and you could go back in time to meet anyone in history, who would you meet and why?


Chris: Given the chance, would you ever perform lead vocals on a track?


Dom: Can you stop loaning Matt your clothes please?


All together: I'm lactose intolerant, can you PLEASE stop with the CHEESE in your setlists?

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  • 5 years later...

I had two questions to ask to Matt

One about his farm :


"Already kept silent pens to welcome animals resulting(coming) from slaughterhouse or victims of bullfight etc.? And if yes recruit you of the staff to take care of it?"




One about his creations :


"You post a link it has some times title : "London orchestra". I was not unfortunately able to listen to him in time. Would have kept silent about the intention to redo it to us to share? That would be really top, I like enormously your orchestral !! "


I hope that it is the good place to hope to have an answer :)


A good day...

Take care

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