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Songs that you always prefer the studio version of...


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I prefer studio Bliss, but I still really like live Bliss. Matt's voice just isn't the same when he performs Bliss live.

I think the only song that sounds better in studio is Hyper Music...

Oh yeah, this song is much better in studio too.

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Map of the Problematique.. I actually can't remember what it was like to hear it live. :$ So this opinion is based from live videos I've watched. Although the live version has maggie's farm after it so I don't know.. I just think the synth is more pronounced in the studio version.


Map of the problematique live is awesome!!! ;)






Sunburn maybe...

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There are actually plenty that I think are better/sound more pwerful as studio versions:


Apocalypse Please (although live drums are :\mm/:, the whole song studio is just miles better)


Space Dementia

Hysteria (Abso era live was probs better than studio, but BH&R era wasn't)

RBS (more haunting)

Eternally Missed

Feeling Good (live drums better)



Shrinking Universe

Hate This...


Dead Star (OTT studio breathing is awesome :LOL:!)

sometimes CoD


Nature_1 (better than acoustic lives I've heard)

Yes Please


I would have included Micro Cuts but Hulla version is just brilliant so they are capable of beating the album one. Yeah...so there are loads IMO! There are prob more I could come up with but that's all I can be arsed with for now lol

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