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Falling Away With You, because they've never performed it before. They shouldn't. They should save it until their very last concert ever, when they're 107 years old. The last song they should ever play is Falling Away With You.


no. they will not be 107. they will be living as aliens on mars

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I'd hate to imagine. But yeah there are those few songs I sometimes imagine being the climatic end to things with many bands.


Personally, I could imagine a few tunes.

Stockholm Syndrome, the chorus "This is the last time I forget/abandon you" would hold true. Just fits great, and its very intense. Performed with a shitload of riffs but instead of the usual rock stuff it could have an epic climatic build-up, sort of apocalyptical end-of-the-world type riffs instead of the usual rock-out improvisation. More comparable to the rest of the song.

Glorious. Its frankly beautiful.

Blackout, the melody fits amazing and the song title fits in, as if Muse would to "Black Out" so to say.

Eternally Missed, the melody is great and the song title is also fitting.

Take A Bow, another title fitting song with an epic climatic build-up.

Showbiz, just chill-down-the-spine intense.

Ruled By Secrecy, very climatic.

Hate This & I'll Love You, falls in line somewhat with fitting song titles, granted that we'd be hating for Muse to leave, the I'll Love You could symbolize then that Muse would love us cause of the fact that we'd hate for them to quit, proving that the fans will and will always love the guys. Plus the melody is great.

Falling Away With You, Muse hasn't performed this live, and the melody is another one which is simply to die for.


Fucking hell now this topic has made me want to cry, I dont want a world without Muse

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Guest QueenOfNerds

I don't think they would ever say goodbye really, I would'nt be able to handle the emotions if it was definitely their last gig. I think they would leave it unsaid because it would be too painful, certainly for us.

The thought of it makes me want to :'(


Glorious would be a good one to end on:

"And we too could be



It's a wonderful notion.


Or invincible, it isn't one of my faves but it does have a great sense of togetherness.

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heartbreaker like they played before a few songs before =)


Can't pick one...

Stockholm would be epic especially with a huge load of riffs at the end.

I'd like to hear hoodoo, or unintended.


Sunburn would be great I think


Uno would make my day though.... it's to hard to choose! It makes me sad thinking about it.


Sing for absolution, or apocalype please

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It's very hard to pick. I would have to pick something from their first album for the pure rebellious sensibility of some of those songs. But, as it's my favorite song in their entire discography, I'll go with Hate This & I'll Love You.

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I want the last songs to be Citizen Erased, Sing for Absolution, Ruled by Secrecy, Blackout, then Falling Away With You. Because by the end of it EVERYONE will be sobbing, and not just me.


But then, some parts of me just want it to be New Born, Stockholm Syndrome, Take a Bow, or Knights of Cydonia with WAY too many riffs just to make us very, very happy that last time instead of crying our eyes out.


Then, I'd want it to be Plug in Baby or Map of the Problematique (without any riffs), because I think they're anti-climatic. It's not a bad thing, it's actually kind of good that they are. I just want them to keep going and going and going and...LIVE FOREVER!


But FAWY must be played last. I have a theory that they've never played FAWY live because they WANT it to be their last song ever...but that's kind of stupid-sounding, so I'll shut up with my theories.

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