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Hmm.... I was going to say Feeling Good, but then realised that in my head I've fused the way he sings that song and the way Nina Simone does, which, while awesome (wish I could share it with you :LOL:) isn't entirely possible.


So Take A Bow

Or Bliss


Or maybe Cave...


I'd still be front and centre whatever they played to take us out of... well... life, really.

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lol I saw the Title of this topic and got really depressed... xD

I like the Idea of having TaB as the last, or Stockholm Syndrome, But I also like the idea of having their first song be their last song... so Maybe Uno? That Symphony Monster trilogy might be pretty sweet though. Or maybe Feeling Good...


To add my own opinion, If Butterflies and Hurricanes was their last song ever, I would think that it would be a fitting message from Muse to their fans of doing their best at what they dream for since it's their time now... Wouldn't you agree?

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I've already posted, but this would be a good last set:


Location: Wembley Arena OR They play in Teginmouth somewhere.

Supporting band: Radiohead




Dance Of The Knights Intro + Sunburn (Guitar and piano version)


Shrinking Universe




Soldiers Poem

Butterflies and Hurricanes



City Of Delusion


Micro Cuts

Map Of Your Head



Falling Down


Spiral Static


Hate This and I'll Love you


Take a Bow



New Born

Citizen Erased

Osaka Jam





Hyper Music

Space Dementia

The Small Print (With Chris singing the chrous lines)




Supermassive Black Hole

Map Of The Problematique




Yes Please intro + Dead Star

Plug In Baby

Stockholm Syndrome

Knights of Cydonia

Bliss (Extended, with heaps of baloons and confetti and falsetto) + riffs



Falling Away With You



World then explodes due to the inability to survive without Muse.

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1. Some Orchestral Intro then Micro Cuts w/ some end riffs and wankery.

2. Time Is Running Out

3. Invincible

4. New Born

5. Map Of The Problematique

...wow I got to 5 and realized it's just too damn hard end MUSE with one show! they definitely would need to do something like Coheed and Cambria did with their neverender tour. 5 nights - 5 shows - EVERY SONG EVER!!! I would vote to end on Glorious (to end with a bang), Butterflies and Hurricanes (to end reassuringly) , or Falling Away With You (If you wanted to make me cry). :supersad::supersad::supersad:

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This would be extremely sad, and I know this is a mutual feeling, but I'd have to say...


New Born.


Micro Cuts because Matt's voice in that song is epic. And so is the solo. At they're last concert, people should be reminded of how epic of a band they really are.

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