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yep. It may not work well as a closer, but I would like it to be the last song ever played by Muse.


The thing about Muse ending their last concert with CE is that, with a slow and rather calm ending like that, I would definitely burst into tears at the knowledge that there will be no more concerts. I mean, yes I would cry at that knowledge regardless of which song they close with, but the ending of CE makes you stay still in silence (no jumping or anything like one would do in, for example, KoC). That really would make it sadder for me (I'm not saying it's a bad thing, of course. Just more emotional).

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The last song would have to be a mashup of Muse songs, with a complimentary fuckton of riffs.


I'm thinking SS until pre-solo -> NB piano intro + riff -> Assassin GOB interlude + riff -> B&H drum/bass solo, piano solo and outro -> SS solo and ending -> HM riff w/ dat bassline -> MKU final chorus w/ backing strings and outro riff -> some other riffs I don't even.

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I'm gobsmacked at the lack of people that have said Knights of Cydonia. Anyway, that is my choice without a doubt..


I'd choose KoC as well!


I'd rather want it to end with a song like KoC, even though I love Blackout and CE - I just don't know if I'd survive one of the two as the very last song ever ...

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