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what a song




yes, brilliant song indeed! I love it especially for the many different versions that exist (with guitar, with piano, acoustic...) and I can never decide which version I like most... At this right moment it's mainly the "older" one, like that on the hullabaloo dvd.

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Wow I can't believe I started out not liking the song.


It's now in my top 10. It's a masterpiece, and I really like the little 'scream' Matt does towards the end, when he says 'I'll hi*scream*ide from the world'.


Mm, I love the sound of the piano, too.


Video is awesome too. Matt has big hair, and who the hell would be crying if Muse were playing a song in your room? She's crazy!

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Surprised that the Sunburn thread is so small,it has a lot of fans on the board.

Not a fan of the album or Hullabaloo versions of Sunburn but there are a few live versions I enjoy such as the Glasto 04 and BDO 04 versions.

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Brilliant song. It brings up the quality of Showbiz by several notches single-handedly.


:yesey: I tend to find many of the tracks on Showbiz to be of very "meh" quality (:LOL:) but it has a few gems like Sunburn (and MM and Showbiz) that make the album as a whole seem so much better!


I love this song! :)

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