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Hello to you all,


I am wondering since a long time now why Muse aren't recording (or so it seems) any new acoustic versions of their songs... As far as I know, the most recent one was an acoustic version of "Time is running out" (or am I wrong??). I really miss their acoustic songs because I think that's where their musical abilities, that make them stand out in the world of rock music, can be heard in their purest way. And i prefer Matt's more precise and more careful singing in the acoustic versions, his voice is very clear and he sustains the notes longer and sings ALL the words COMPLETELY (by the way: don't you think it's a bit of a shame how he sings "Unintended" and "Hoodoo" on the Haarp-dvd? so unarticulated, it destroys the beauty of those whole (brilliant!) songs! Such a pity! The same goes for the latest versions of "Fury": Why on earth does he only sing "...to punish u- and make a fu-"?? I miss the former brilliance of "Fury" from the (best-of-all-dvds-)Absolution-dvd...). I would love it if they decided to record an acoustic album, for a change... Muse unplugged, wouldn't that be great?

Well, I really love ALL their acoustic songs, but if I were to name my three favourites (difficult task, indeed!!), they would be:

1) Sing for absolution (Radio 2 performance, it's on the "Hurr&Butt"-single): MASTERPIECE!!!

2) Hate this and I'll love you (early B-side): BRILLIANT! I love the solo before the last corus!

3) Muscle Museum (another early B-side): BEAUTIFUL, such a young, clear voice, and so well played...


Well now it's your turn: What are your favourite acoustic versions of Muse-songs? And what would you think about a "Muse-unplugged"-album? Thanks for answering! And happy new year! (-:


P.S.: As I said, it's a difficult task, chosing only three songs... If I were to name two more, they would be "Cave" acoustic and, of course, "Bedroom acoustics"... Wonder if Matt is still able to play that song...

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Sunburn acoustic maybe? That one's pretty good too.


Forgot about Sunburn - that's awesome acoustic!

I think pretty much most of Showbiz is pretty good acoustic, except maybe Uno...


Its not Muse, but this is brilliant :happy:




That's amazing!!


I love how he starts to rock out when he gets to the main riff :LOL:

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I just wanted to thank you all for your replies (why are there so few??) by sharing this amazing video with you from the very early (honest, authentic, brilliant...) times... Enjoy, and let's all hope that Muse will find their way back one day to these brilliant acoustics!


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Map of Your Head and Shine are two of my favorites. I didn't know there was an acoustic version of Time is Running Out, I can't imagine a heavier song like it made acoustic, I'm going to search it in a second.


An acoustic Sing for Absolution would be awesome! The song converts prefectly and it'd sound amazing.

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