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This thread for for anyone to post funny Muse moments (becuase there are a ton of them:yesey:)

Here's one of the funniest Muse moments I've found. You've gotta check it out. It's this funny riff at Glastonbury in 2000::yesey:


so that's where this funny .gif image (it is attached) i have comes from... thanks for the link! :)


i think this is a pretty funny and awesome video of them performing Uno...


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^great opening of Uno!


Well, I could post ALOT in this thread. Wayyyyyy to many funny moments.

And are you sure this thread hasnt been posted before?


Here is one of my all time favorites: New Born on Live and Kicking

My FAVORITE miming video of theirs :rolleyes:



And we can't disregard the "funny muse moments' videos. Nice medley of funny things they've done:


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