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Best Muse song(s) to listen to when ANGRY!!!!


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I did a half-arsed search and found nowt :p


I'm suddenly realising that a) I get pissed off easily b) lots of Muse songs make me wanna scream or punch something from their angsty, aggressive and ARG!$$HEIAKF£&%!!HS-ness! Put 'em together and you get a great way to release some anger!


So... my top tracks are:


Micro Cuts


Hyper Music

Agitated :cool:

Yes Please


Muscle Museum (One Big Sunday edit ... altogether now 'wwahhhhwrrrghhh')



Whaddya reckon? ;)

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well.. it depends of your intentions. if you want to slow down listen to unintended, falling down, blackout............

but you wanna break someones face listen to assassin :p


ok, but if you`re VERY angry forget muse and listen to cannibal corpse or something like that :/



ok, seriously.. songs of muse that feed anger:




dead star

stockholm syndrome

the small print

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lol Tom Waits is too depressing/creepy (in a good way) to make me angry :p ... but as an intro to DS on Hullabaloo :yesey: .. I get angry from impatience and curiosty.. WTF is he building in there?!>!!! Hurryz up! lol :$


because we wanted a song and not a guy speaking nonsense... :mad:

it could be a secret b-side :(

and it makes me ANGRY!!! :mad::mad: (super sayan transformation)

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