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Photo Threads (please read)


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Dear All,


It has recently come to our attention that the photograph threads have occasionally become nothing but Banter style threads. While it's understandable that you all share a common interest and want to chat to one another, it isn't fair that these particular threads be used for random chat in light of us moving other chat-threads to the main Banter area.


Can we please ask that users of ALL picture threads ensure that they post pictures regularly to justify the threads remaining active. By this we don't mean that you have to post pictures alone, you are allowed to make comments. However, when there are several pages of just chat with no pictures it defeats the original purpose of those threads.


Originally this request was posted in the PMT but in the interests of fairness we'd like to extend it to the other photo threads. Not one of you is being personally targetted and we're not doing this to make you feel like a target so please don't think that we don't want these threads to continue.


Finally, I'd like to remind you all that if there is any problem within a particular thread, you are always free to contact me.


Thank you for your co-operation.



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Ok, in addition to the above I've got some people saying they're confused.


We're not saying conversation is not at all acceptable but what we're saying is that there comes a point where threads turn into a Banter thread...and we have plenty of those in Banter.


The photo threads were originally created for people to post pictures and share pictures...and not to become Banter threads. However, you're welcome to discuss images and even ask each other how you are so long as plenty of pictures are posted and off-topic discussion doesn't go on for too long.


Example of what is unacceptable:


User A: Hi how are you guys?

User B: I'm ok thanks, how are you?

User A: I'm great...I went to the cinema today.

User B: What did you see?

User A: I saw 'A Film'

User C: Oh I LOVED that film!

User D: I thought it sucked.

User B: I've not seen it yet.

User E: My sister is really annoying me.


If this goes on, suddenly you've got two pages of people talking about a film instead of a member of Muse, which is off-topic and has turned the thread into Banter. Then you get a new user (user E in the example) coming in and confusing things further by initiating a new topic. Before you know it you've got two threads of conversation going on for hours and hours about 'A Film' and sisters you hate (and not an image in sight).


Example of what is acceptable:


User A: Hi how is everyone *posts a picture*

User B: I'm great, how are you?

User A: I'm ok thanks, I saw a film today.

User B: What did you see? Oh by the way I really like/dislike that picture. Here's one of my favourites *picture*

User C: Me too, I've got some more. *pictures*


I hope that shows the difference well enough? I read another band's forum and they have photo threads too and it's only about three/four post gaps between images (and they still talk to one another), whereas in some of the threads on here it was more like three pages.


Miss Blee's original post in the PMT pointed out that pages and pages of off-topic discussion may result in the photo threads being moderated. We don't want that to happen and we know you certainly don't. As I said in the original post here, we're not leading a witchhunt. It's just not fair on all the others who used threads we moved/closed for being too much like Banter if you guys use photo threads as a disguise for endless off-topic discussion.

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