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i still don't get where you find those twitpic-like pictures. :stunned: did muse publish them and erase them afterwards? and :LOL: at dom's pink swimming trunks.


I have no idea, someone posted it on the finns thread :rolleyes:


I'm sorry, but that photo has been ruined by the fact that Dom looks naked :stunned:


That's so true :chuckle:




Shelbmuse09 and I with kirk!


He smelled like goodness. :happy:


Oh, I would LOVE to meet him.. and thanks for the info :awesome:


With his new .mu tee in Seattle after the Key Arena gig:




OMG, he looks so cute :happy: and a great shirt :yesey:


and thanks for the tips ;) I met Dom, Matt & Chris after a gig in Helsinki last year but no Kirk :supersad:

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Is Tom Kirk the guy in the Hysteria video and/or the Bliss video- the guy that's standing on the side looking at Mat?

Erm...:indiff:In the officials???


Tom Kirk is Muse's media manager and an old friend from the early early Muse days.

He's not in any of their official music video's he's just a really awesome, scruffy guy that we like to pay attention to. :happy:

He films most of Muse's extra video's such as of "the making of and/or behind-the-scenes" things like that(or just random crap thrown out for us fans). He's usually the one laughing behind the camera in most of their videos.

He can also be seen during their gigs at work if you get the chance to meet him.


If you still don't get it, Oh well, here's a picture of Tom Kirk in shorts. :awesome:



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