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String Quartet; A tribute to Muse


What do you think?  

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  1. 1. What do you think?

    • some songs are good covers and some are bad
    • they are amazing but still nothing next to muse
    • it's crap
    • they are better than muse
    • did they have a tribute string quartet?

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Im guessing some of you have probably heard the String Quartet's takes on various Muse tracks, but if you havnt I wanted to share them with you, I think the covers are awesome! What do you guys think?

Here is the youtube link to Stockholme Syndrome, and then theres lots of other Muse tracks on there that they have covered....


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I Just bought the album of the vitamin string quartet doing all the muse songs and i have to say it was well spent i would usually download this kind of thing but couldn't get it in it's entirity just a song or too I think there great i wouldn't have guessed it violins and cellos could sound so much melody wise like the originals find myself singing along to the missing words almost feel like there should be a tenor singing along too ?! or maybe next time matt could sing a song with a full symphony orchestra plus guitar now that would be something ......This Vitamin string quartet have covered so many other bands artists too from greenday to marilyn manson,the killers,rolling stones,metallica, smashing pumpkins even system of a down to name but a few.Would love to know what those who have not heard the muse covers what they think of them ?

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there is a string quartet that cover muse songs, what do you think of them?


they did the songs:



Muscle Museum


Map of your head

New Born


In your world (live)

Time is running out

Sing for absolution

Stockholm Syndrome

the small prints


(not on their album)


Supermassive black hole

Knights of cydonia

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