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BPWAWLBSGSSTFU (yes, its an acronym): like the BMT but with more Bowie and less Leto.

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a.k.a. the place all us weirdos can be all spaffy over "people who look like aliens" and such






matteh smiff




BOWIE :awesome: deserves 2 pictures coz he always is and was fit, even when he lives to be 130



david mitchell (we like people called David in this group :yesey:)



ADDISON :happy:


and any other odd-looking types

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:awesome: aww he is gorgeous in that film :happy: and i am told it has a lot of sex scenes :eyebrows: which i unfortunately havnt seen because someone flagged those sections on youtube for "indecent images" or something :mad:


ah well, ill just have to buy the DVD or something :awesome: though actually its a brilliant film anyways, so...yeah /other reasons besides pervyness



2 in one picture! :awesome: and teh moff, who is just utter win

and aww, Benedict looks so cy00t :happy:

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hah, well theres only 3 of us, it cant really get that confusing :chuckle: (i invited gemsy, but she turned it down :noey:) edit: 5 MEMBERS FUCKYEAH :awesome: yay Kyra and Boozey


:chuckle: i have seen photos from such things, but no actual sexeh scenes AS OF YET (though when i watch them i will probably actually DIE :$ UNF.)


edit: found it on tinternet :awesome:




(and yes, sexeh scenes are indeed :eyebrows:)

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