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Chat Programs (Skype, GTalk, etc.)

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So I figure it'd be WAY easier to manage collabs over GTalk or Skype or whatever. Maybe we should compile a list?



Master List:



seraphrevan - "seraphrevan"

xxatlowxx - "kaferrell"

Raining_Muses - "raining_muses"



seraphrevan - "Handmade.Mercury@gmail.com"

xxatlowxx - "katiebeast@gmail.com"



seraphrevan - "Handmade.Mercury@live.com"

Tofu - "flamingtofu@hotmail.com"

About 27 Shockwaves - "a27shockwaves@hotmail.com"

Alliana0x - "anastasia-pophammy@hotmail.co.uk"

Kirby - "chasing-starlight@hotmail.com"

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