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The books we read that influence our writing


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What books/movies/songs (or anything else) influence your writing? Do your personal opinions provide a solid foundation for your writing? Are you inspired by universal themes, poems, people, religion, or other writers?









For me, Lord of the Flies, Dune, The Great Tree of Avalon, 1984, Anthem, Into the Wild are a few that have sparked ideas for me. Sometimes random images of things unviel what I want. For poetry, it's my emotions and views on opinions that influence me (Although I haven't written anything for a year now :( )





PS What's your opinion???

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Oh my dear lord, I haven't written since about three months! :eek: Good god, there was just so much to do because of the exams and ARGH!




Influences probably would be books by Stephen King. He's a genius. But there are other writers which influence me: Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Cassandra Clare, Tolkien, Christopher Paolini, and many more.


Themes which influence my writing would probably be everyday moments. I like kinda making fun of our society. :LOL:

You know, the kid from next door could have stolen my bike. I don't trust our teacher, he looks ugly. :LOL: etc. etc.


P.S. Why is this group counting so few members? Writing is a beautiful hobby!

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The muse (not band) comes to me when I'm ready to welcome her. I mean, when there anything is turned off, like TV tube or the phone and She (muse) just visits me. She brings me the inspire and I write. Most of all the stories with phylosophic context.


And what about the influence.

I think it's something like The Catcher in the Rye. I mean real life without magic worlds, witches, wizards, etc. And different literature like short poems or stories which are consists with something I care about and interested in.

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