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Doctor Who related poems.


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I wrote those poems, being inspired by the chemistry between Rose and the Doctor.



A gift to my lover.


I don't give you flower.

Not even I give a kiss.

It's something I regret today.

Something I will forever miss.


Here I give you a life.

Where my path will never join.

The decision is yours to make.

Tossing a rather quickly coin.


I want you to take care of him.

He remembers things I do.

But damn, this hurt so much.

Knowing he loves you.


The Meeting


It was the first time I held your hand.

It felt like I was in shock.

I could barely move a lit.

Like the fingers of a clock.


Still we kept on running.

While the wind blew through your hair.

And when we slowed our pace again

I thought it was not fair.


Deep inside I was struggling

To release your lovely hand.

I knew I had to run away.

But even today, I know I can't

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