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tapping it aint rapping

rapping it aint tapping

i can tap like eddie van halen

i can shred like that guy from iron maiden


hair metal for the fucking win

listening to anything else is a goddamn sin

shred until you can't no more

then shag a bunch of one dollar whores


scoop your mids

use a peavey 5150

boost with a metal zone

kill a bunch of kids


welcome to the 80's

..we've been waiting for you

where the kisses are hers and hers and his

threes company too



shit that didn't turn out like i expected.

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kit and tab used to be cool

but then a new kid entered school

became the prefect right away

now it's all turned gay


bantering comes out of cheeks

but not for k&t geeks

whammies go with mach 10

no worries, I will perma-ban!


well fu prefects with the blee'ing ho

not gonna crawl at ur toe

wish we could all go back

now even valentine has some respec'



I suck at raps.. but I dun care :awesome:

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