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Drummers get the bum deal

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Yeah, I've noticed... And it's what annoy me the most! :noey:

Only the singer, the guitarist, and the bassist are shown, and the drummer... we don't care! :indiff:

Whereas without a drummer, a band is nothing! Without drums, a song is NOTHING!


( hum, sorry... I'm calm... veeeery calm... :rolleyes: )


This is nice to find people who shares my ideas :happy:

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Exactly, learning drums is no easier or harder than a lot of other instruments, but you get punished for picking the drums by being shoved at the back where no one can see you.

When I go to a concert, I want to see EVERYONE, not just the singers.

Monitors were first brought onto stages to help the backline to know where they were in the songs. The frontlines take them and stick a foot on them and pose, but still the backline gets the bum deal.

There shouldnt be a backline and frontline but there is.

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I totally agree with you...

In my opinion, drummers should revolt!





Seriously, as you've it however well said, it's sad there's thus “categories” of musicians!...

Musicians who are members of a single and same group! :facepalm:

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My boyfriend has the problem of, he is never shown on the promo posters, they just seem to pick a photo with only the leads singer & the bass player on view.

He looks at the poster & says, "Oh look, I'm not there again"


My son had to deal with a gig recently, where the drum kit was shoved so far to the back of the stage, there was nowhere to put the drum stool.

So him being my son & having my stroppy nature, He kicked off about it.


It's one of the things I like about muse, they are all equally good musicians & the crowd can choose which of the 3 members to look at, we aren't dictated to by the band.

At Guilfest last year, I saw a lot old style bands adopting the new lay out, drummer's in full view.

Madness had their whole band on show, which is hard when you have 7 men, plus extras on a main stage.

Blimus had all members visible, as did Squeeze the year before & the Levellers, but then I was disappointed to see the new bands going back to the arrogant "GUITARS ONLY" view.

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I understand your son, I'd react exactly like him! It's really revolting...


If I were your boyfriend, I'd give up the group. It's not worthwhile to play with people who treat you for shit! :indiff:


It's true that generally in the old bands, drummers aren't shoved to the back.

But, in many new bands, it's the total decline!


I often say that Matt Belly is rather narcissistic… ( I don't know what you think :D ) but despite this, Dom is shown as much than him ( even more sometimes )

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It's ok I understand you :) I did wonder where you were from.

My boyfriend also plays ukulele and wrote a song called Le Bouc aux Roubignolles.

He makes a few weird drumming contraptions too.

If you want to check out his Busker kit it's on his myspace, he's captain bubble.

He's on my friends list. Also My son's band System Glitch are on my list. He sings and plays drums.

You're right about my boyfriend, I don't think he's happy in that band at all. I met him because I was desperately trying to get a photo of him at a gig and he noticed my frustration at not being able to get a clear shot. :)

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There's been developments. My Boyfriend is leaving the band.

He told them a few weeks ago that he would see out the season, get the gigs that he had already committed himself to, out of the way.

He'll be concentrating on other things for a year.


System Glitch are having a name change as they are merging with another band. They are changing the name to 'Five Days Time.'

It's yet another name change. This is name number 4 I think. :LOL:

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It's not as easy as it looks to play drums. It's not just hitting stuff like a lot of people think. It's tough work to have to control your arms separately from each other and your feet, which are also separate from each other. You're playing four different instruments separately, and then there's the pressure that you're the rhythm behind the whole rest of the band. Not that I'd trade it for any other instrument, of course. But it would be nice if we got some attention every once in awhile. ;)

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