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On 2/21/2019 at 9:34 AM, kueller said:

So there's no real option to "stay logged in" from what I've seen. I log back in every day. Is there some way to maintain it? I don't think I ever logged out of the old board.

The cookie has now been extended to one week. So now it'll be a weekly login instead of daily.

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15 minutes ago, ncla said:

I feel like the embeds are too oversized and should have a set max height. Each embed can take up a whole height of the browser window when scrolling. For example:


How's this for you?

13 minutes ago, ncla said:

Clicking on this in settings


Redirects me to invalid URL/page https://www.muse.mu/user//edit-profile

Forwarded this, there's a slash too many. 

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4 minutes ago, kueller said:

Yes love the manageable embed size!

I basically just set a smaller limit on the embeds to match the old style. 

We'll let the invision support handle the email management; you can of course change it if you manually go through the site, but that's not how it's supposed to work. 

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I still need to re-work out embeds on here 😂 is it still [yt] [/yt] for youtube?

Also just curious with the text colours thing, is it just me some of them aren’t working for yet or is that still another kink on the list to be sorted?

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There's an on-going issue with adblockers and muse.mu main site. There is some sort of adblocking rule that blocks visualwebsiteoptimizer.com and when its blocked the whole site doesn't render.


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14 hours ago, matthijs said:

We have no influence on how the main site runs. 

You do have direct contact with Muse staff though. Send them a message. I have seen a few posts on r/Muse claiming they have this issue, and most of the time it is the AdBlock rules that cause white page. This is misleading to the user because they think it is the sites fault.

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Whose idea was it to change the software? Everything changed, to the worse for us remaining, members!! You can count us on 1 single hand 👀😡🧐 was it worth it? No! 

staying logged in forever: impossible

keeping your account/username: no

WE ARE NO ROBOTS ffs 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖

where are mods when you need them: gone .. 

Muse s amuse - thread about Chart history which even Dom visited from time to time: closed for various reasons, including no traffic on  the board .... 

Almost no hype for OOM and if, quickly stopped ... 


Do  I need to go on 🤯😭😭😭

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