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New album preorder & delivery - complaint


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Well, I unexpectedly received the album today ! :stunned:


So, besides the fact I'm glad it didn't get lost on the way, I'd like to complain about the mess it's been and the complete nonsense this whole thing is.

I'm aware ppl managing or moderating this forum won't be able to help but I hope the many unsatisfied comments from fans will allow to improve things in the future.


First, my album was shipped on November 05. The album has officially been released on November 09. I received my PRE-ORDERED album on November 19 - 2 damn weeks after shipment and 10 days after the official release.

What the hell is the point of pre-ordering an album if I'm getting it 10 days after the damn random person buying it after stumbling on it by chance while shopping ?


What the hell about customer service ? It's just silence. Is there anyone on board or is it just a dead end ? Lame from Warner to behave like that.


No Brexit here, the album was shipped from NL. 7€ for that. Wow...


On a side note, I don't understand why when pre-ordering the album I get to download new singles released up to that date but cannot get to download any new single released after that ?!

Also, why couldn't we download the full album on the official release date so we could enjoy it, even if the ordered physical copy was still on its way to me ? Are you willing to stop ppl from illegally downloading or not ?


When pre-ordering, I long hesitated between Amazon + their low shipping costs and here (official webstore) with higher shipping costs. I voluntarily picked the official store thinking the margin would be higher for the entire Muse "business" than via Amazon and therefore voluntarily payed more for the shipment.


This is not the first time I pre-order from Muse store but the first time this happens. To be honest, I'll think twice before ordering from the official store next time. It's been quite a shitty experience, totally unacceptable and quite amateur.


Finally, I'd like to highlight the fact I'm not an isolated case as I've seen many other fans (from Belgium as it was the located "sponsored" ad) complaining about not receiving the album neither.

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