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The Simulation Theory Theory


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I'm not really sure if here is the correct place to post it, but that's it, hope you enjoy


Well, this is the theory I've created today in the morning and want to share with you all, if someone have any suggestion just comment o/


First of all we need to remember that the album is called Simulation Theory, and thats important cause we need to split what is the "Real World" and "What is the Simulation"

Like Matrix, at first we think the world like ours is the Real One, but here is where this theory start


Our story beggins in "Pressure", when the Muse Members put the VR Glasses On, like Ready Player Number One, to enter in the simulation, the simulation is the "World like ours" and we are in a prom, nothing really interesting happening until the couple hit the computer and activate the "Laser ray thing" to transform the little animal in the Critter

At this point we have people living in a Simulation (And it will be confirmated in Algorithm) and Terry Crews is a Professor that have some bizarre research that collpsed the Simulation, creating a bizarre creature (the critter), that act like a Virus and infect all the "Programs" in the simulation, then people start transforming in the "Vampire things"

Terry Crews show us that he really knows something about his reallity and was researching for the true


Right after Pressure we have some people trying to hide whats happening, and then starts "Break it to Me", with people transforming cause they got infected by the Virus. "Thought Contagion" happens after that, now the virus is spreading in all the simulation, and the "Anti-virus" appears to be more prepared, it suggest that they always have been studying what could happen, so they try to act fixing the Simulation by taking off the street the infected ones (It remember me Agent Smith from matrix, that act "correcting bugs in the simulation")


Then starts "Something Human" with Matt in the "Real World" taking off his VR Glasses and traveling with the "Program" of the simulation, that he put in the box of the Retrograde Video. I really don't thin Chris and Dom are interested in what Matt carry in his car, they are just being "Police man" in something like a after-apocalipse world, then the cars choke each other and Matt cross a Portal to another "Reality" and transforms into a Werewolf. Dom and Chris find Matt with a "Phone Box" that can travel through realities (We are in Muse or Doctor Who?), which suggest that people outside the Simulation developed the tecnology to travel through different dimensions (Matt with his car, Dom and Chris with the Phone Box). In the end of Something Human, Dom is attacked by a thing like Matt, an Werewolf, at this Point I think we have the "Werewolf reality", where the Retrograde Video is, the "Humans Reality", where Chris and Dom come from, the Simulation, that we saw at the start, and now go to the Darkside.


Now we travel to the "Darkside", and that space looks like a collapsing world, Matt are trying to cross the Darkside, and they (The reality) are trying to stop him. In my point of view, the Darkside are the space where they control the simulation, talking again about Matrix, we have a place that people are trapped in cocoons to the Machine take Energy from their brain sinapsis, Matthew crossing the Brain thing inside the Darkside, and the all world trying to stop him suggest the same, they consider him a Virus and are trying to stop it before he "break the simulation". At this point we are not really sure about what happened with him.


Coming back to the Simulation, we have "Algorithm" with Terry Crews talking with the "Simulation Central Controler" from his computer, and confirming that they are in a Simulation. After that he starting looking some way out to discover the Truth, and fuse his Program DNA to the Critter DNA, cause for he is the only way yo break the code and get out. He developed a Portal to get out of the simulation, but one important thing here is that we have no idea of who was talking with him in the computer, it could be the own "Central" giving a chance to take him out, but I think who's talking is the same that inserted the "Critter Virus" in the simulation and give the "Algorithm" to Terry get out of there. The verse "This means war with your creator" suggest that when he come out, they start a War with the Central, cause they are the "Creators of the Simulation Reallity". The place he go after cross the portal looks like the Dark Side, so Terry are in the same place that matthew was the last time we saw him, and we find the game that Terry Turn of and "End the Darkside simulation"


If we lookback in the start of the video, in Terry wall we have a lot of newspapper, which suggest that all of what happened in Pressure and after was sometime before that, so here's what I think it happened:

- The Critter Virus infected the Simulation, Matthew saw everything and try to take the survivors out of there, so he go to the Darkside

- The Central trapped Matt and transform he in a Program inside the Simulation, then use he's image to convince people that everything is okay and they are taking care of all, we saw that in "Dig Down"

- Not convinced by the "Government message", Terry try to contact someone out of the Simulation, and then he discorver the true. The one who send the messages to he, in my point of view is Matthew trapped by the Central, he is part of the simulation now, so maybe he could transfer a message to someone he's sure that gonna save then all

- Terry finish the simulation by turning off the Game.



Blockades are the collection of everything, and the start of something new, now the simulation is over and the survivors must fight for their lifes.

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