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Thanks to Muse for Simulation Theory!


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This album is legitimately fucking incredible.


Is it cringey to thank them? Because thank you Muse


i had zero expectations after dig down but i love it now and it's like the third worse song on the album imo.


most consistently good album they've done since... ever? the resistance is still my favourite but this is solidly up there with oos.


it draws together elements of literally every other album somehow in the qualities and themes of the songs without ever sounding dated. ugh 💕

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Am I the only one who thinks the void and the darkside ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE VERSIONS are the most amazing pieces and fucking beautiful pieces of music i've ever heard!!!!!!!!!!! Those two alone take my mind on a trip everytime i here them!


Don't get me started on the instumenal darkside super universe version!!!!!! MUSICAL ORGASM!!!!!!!

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