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Presale/Early Access ticket questions


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1 minute ago, TomiB said:

Where do I find the presale code. I bought the CD and now want to get 2 tickets for Berlin. Any suggestions?  Thanks

You need to contact them via email. (Posted in thread). Else, try the code I shared before, may still work if people haven´t used it yet

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On 4/9/2019 at 10:35 PM, krymmel said:

Darn it. No code.... Was really looking forward to taking my 8 year old daughter to her first Muse gig in Copenhagen (as I did with my son back in 2003, for his 8 year birthday)... really annying!!


The official sale starts friday. Maybe you can get them on friday then. 

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I'm also looking for a code for Amsterdam! 😉


Initially wanted to buy tickets for Nijmegen because I love that site but dates didn't fit. I then bought tickets for Cologne but now want to add two tix for Amsterdam on top! :)

Any help would be appreciated!! 😉


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