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I personally hear some traces of MK Ultra and Uprising in Blockades.


Verses have some vocal melody similarities with MK Ultra, although its perhaps a bit subtle, and the word "raze" in the chorus sounds very similar in tone to Uprisings "degrading"..

Wouldn't call it very similar overall though.


I wish they could've done something with the choruses though, especially the last one. Changing drum pattern or whatever. It just get slightly too repetitive and boring, you kind of wait for something to happen.

I like when a song go somewhere else further down the line -- like Dead Inside or The Handler to mention two more recent examples. Simulation Theory has a few too many cases of un-imaginative song structures, with a third more or less identical chorus at the end.

Algoritm has a very cool, tasteful and effectful structure though, that continues to build up and develop from the beginning to the end -- without repeating itself more than necessary.


One of the better songs overall though, for sure. It has the tone I overall miss elsewhere on the album (thankfully also present in Algoritm, my absolute favourite, as well as The Dark Side and The Void).

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as do many others :LOL: this has melodies and beats ripped off from tracks they think are too far back in their discography for fans to bother listening to


Oh I noticed all of them on the first listen but it doesn't matter to me. It's the exact type of sound I got into Muse for. It's them when they're their most original. Even if they're ripping themselves off.

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